Some of the artists and labels we have created work for:


Amon, Ax, Bleiburg, CCCC, Coil, Emme Ya, Folkstorm, The Grey Wolves, H.E.R.R., Hijokaidan, Anni Hogan, Inade, Edward Ka-Spel, Laibach, Tor Lundvall, Merzbow, MZ. 412, Non, Nordvargr, N.U.T.E, Psychic TV, Satori, Schloss Tegal, Skitliv, Skullflower, Sleep Research Facility, South Saturn Delta, Splinterskin, Alex Tiuniaev, Toll, Troum, John Watermann, Z’EV, Zeni Geva

Record Labels and Publishing Houses
Aeon Sophia Press, AFE, Anathema Publishing, Asphodel Press, BLC Productions, Cold Spring Records, Die Stadt, International Cheeses, Tursa

Event Organisers
Circadian Rhythms, Mute Off